Living in New Mexico, you know the patio is an essential feature of every home. Patio doors in Albuquerque and Santa Fe area homes come in all shapes, sizes and colors; finding the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some tips to consider when choosing the right door for your home.

1. Sliding or Swinging

The first thing to consider is the type of door you wish to install. Typically, patio doors come in either sliding or swinging multi-panel doors. Although the choice is fundamentally aesthetic, each style also has its own functional benefits. Swinging doors look somewhat more elegant, but require more clearance in your entryway. Sliding doors look more informal, but they take up less space and maximize access to the patio.

2. Finding a Suitable Material

Selecting the right material is an important step in choosing patio doors in Albuquerque. When installing a new door, you want to find a material that will complement your décor, yet will also be durable and low maintenance. As far as functionality and simplicity are concerned, white vinyl sliding doors are a go-to solution. However, some people are opting for sturdier and swankier wooden and steel doors. While these materials are more expensive, they more customizable with a variety of stain and paint finishes from which to choose.

3. Choosing the Right Glass

There are a number of decorative window styles available for your new patio door. From tinted to beveled glass, there is a style for every design theme. Some brands now offer internal blinds, eliminating the need to hang pesky Venetian or vertical blinds. To further increase your privacy, consider using glazed privacy glass, which lets light in while keeping nosy neighbors out. Consult with your contractor for an option that suits you.

4. Security

Many of the patio doors that you have to choose from today are equipped with a superior locking system. Doors today are also made from high quality materials that are going to be hard to break. These locks and this high quality construction add a sense of security to your home that older patio doors may not give.

5. Light

Sliding doors or French doors let a lot of light shine into a room. Natural light can make a room feel happier, warmer, brighter and overall more appealing. If you have a room that is feeling dark and dingy, consider adding new patio doors in Santa Fe to increase the look and feel of the room.

Doors say a lot about a house. Often people think of front doors as a feature that can either add to or detract from the overall curb appeal of the home. Patio doors on the other hand do not add to the curb appeal because they are normally in the back. What do patio doors add to a house in Santa Fe, Albuquerque or Rio Rancho? The right patio door can add security, light, ease of access and character to your home.

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