Titan Ultimate Security Doors

Titan Ultimate Security doors have a MESHTEC full screen view for customers who want security but aren’t interested in a door with design. This security door has a three-point vault locking system that enhances security and also includes a heavy duty MESCHTEC screen that makes it impossible to cut through or beat down. This door can be applied to single entry doors, French doors and sliding glass doors.


  • Ultimate Security – exceeds stringent cut, impact and jimmy resistance standards
  • Ventilation – maximizes air flow without compromising security
  • Full view – eliminates the need for security bars and panels
  • Fire resistant – resists flying embers and sparks
  • Pet protection – keeps pets safe and resists paws and claws
  • Insect control – provides the benefits of insect screens with security-grade strength
  • UV protection – blocks 60% of UV rays
Titan Security Doors is an Arizona-based company that designs, manufactures, and markets security doors. Founded in 2003, the company has built a strong reputation with customers and retail partners alike, leveraging its world class manufacturing capabilities and strong heritage in custom designed, manufactured to measure, high end products to bring true product innovation and increased value to consumers at every price point.

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