Bathroom remodeling things to consider

Bathroom Remodeling 123

Things to consider when you are remodeling your bathroom

Bathroom remodeling things to consider
Bathroom Remodeling
  1. Bathtub size and shape. Walk-in or shower conversion?
  2. Finish for surround. Color, texture, pattern and details. Choose the finish that will include Microban™ microbial protection in your product. Easy to clean. Easily wipe with standard bathroom cleaning supplies
  3. Hardware. Are you a classic black finish, a modern chrome enthusiast. Choose the hardware that fits with your style.
  4. Sink and cabinet. Let’s determine your space and storage needs and find something to shine in your Luxury Bath.
  5. Mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you hiding my razor and gauze? Decide if you want a medicine cabinet or a flat mirror. Pick what will fit best with your lighting needs.
  6. Lighting. Do you like Broadway globe lights, track lighting, cans and spots? Lighting in the bathroom is important. Do you have an exhaust fan, do you want a light from a different source?
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling 123s
Luxury Bath

Looking for Bathroom Remodeling and ideas to make that perfect space out of your bathroom. Let’s face it. Whether we are getting ready for work or trying to get away from it, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. If you are starting with bathroom ideas and are looking for a bathroom remodel in Albuquerque, a Luxury Bath from Accent Southwest is waiting for you. Our experts can help walk you through the process with ease and convenience.

Don’t try to do it yourself! The headaches can abound, and the project can drag out from days to weeks. While many homeowners start a bathroom remodeling project with the best of intentions, problems that are beyond your expertise can show up fast. Letting a professional team help design and then execute your dream bathroom for you doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our remodels can be tailored to your budget and we offer financing to help.

$500 OFF Complete Luxury Bath System*

Don’t wait to get started on your next bath remodeling project—call Luxury Bath!

Learn More Bathroom Remodeling
security bars or security screens - Crimsafe knows best

Don’t Feel Trapped Behind Bars

With Crimsafe’s Patented Technology,
You Don’t Have to Live Behind Bars


Crimsafe Storm and Security Screens

“We’re selling time, really…It’s gonna take a lot of time to get through it. And your average criminal’s not gonna take that kind of time.”

Nashville law enforcement spent some time engaging the line of Crimsafe products and liked what they saw.

Crimsafe security screens from Accent Southwest Windows and Doors will actually protect your home and your family from intruders and would be thieves. Crimsafe is the most effective security screen product in the world where the mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a patented device called the “Screw-Clamp”. Look at the diagram and you’ll see the advantage of our design.

Any attempt to break through Crimsafe, such as a burglar trying to kick it out of the frame is defeated by the fact that our screws are drilled through the mesh and into the other side of the frame with massive torque, forcing our patented clamp to bite down on the mesh to grip it in a near unbreakable hold. More >>

indexOur International Patents mean that other security screens simply can’t feature the same design or offer the same strength.

The Crimsafe Screw-clamp
Our screws sit flush within the frame but they are drilled right through the mesh and into the other side, causing the clamp to bite down on the woven profile of the mesh and lock it in place with a vice-like grip.

Massive performance difference
The difference in performance between a Crimsafe screen and an ordinary security mesh product is huge. Crimsafe actually repels the physical assault that a burglar or intruder would apply and Crimsafe resists attempts to cut through it like no other security screen.

Features & Specs

Crimsafe’s Fixed Security Window Screens offer these specific features and benefits…

Easy InstallationCrimsafe Security System products are custom built off-site then quickly assembled at your home. Our fixed window panels are easy to install
Screw-Clamped SecurityOnly Crimsafe clamps 304 Tensile Tuff ® Security Mesh between 2 serrated pieces of metal, then drives a screw right through both mesh and frame to ensure a vice-like grip…and beat burglars
Tamper-Resistant ScrewsExclusive to Crimsafe. Screws can only be applied or removed by a tool registered with Crimsafe. This assures the integrity of your security system
Custom BuiltMeans a perfectly fitted job. Product can be made to fit the design and format of your windows
Blocks Out at least 30 percent of UV RaysMeans a longer life for interior furnishings
Blocks Heat TransferImproves the Energy Rating of glass windows and keeps home cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter
Full Range of ColoursCrimsafe stocks a full range of standard colors so that the system you buy complements your home. Other colors are available on request
Guaranteed for 10 yearsCrimsafe warrants the product from defects in materials under conditions of normal use for up to 10 years from the date of purchase. Please refer to our Care Guide for more information

Simply the Best Replacement Screens
Available. Guaranteed.

Slow criminals down with a Crimsafe security screen from Accent Southwest

Law enforcement engages Crimsafe Security Doors

Nashville law enforcement spent some time engaging the line of Crimsafe products and liked what they saw. Watch this video to see what all the Crimsafe products can withstand.


Crimsafe products are produced for the strongest stainless steel and a durable screw clamp that holds up to impact. There’s the Tensile-Tuff® mesh itself, this tightly woven mesh makes it almost impossible to get a hand-hold to pull on the door or window grille.

There’s also the power of the Crimsafe® aluminum frame. It’s too strong to be deflected to the fail level specified by the test.

Crimsafe Storm and Security Screens

Slow criminals down with a Crimsafe security screen from Accent Southwest
Security Door

“We’re selling time, really…It’s gonna take a lot of time to get through it. And your average criminal’s not gonna take that kind of time.”

Crimsafe security screens from Accent Southwest Windows and Doors will actually protect your home and your family from intruders and would be thieves. Crimsafe is the most effective security screen product in the world where the mesh is screwed into the frame and clamped down with a patented device called the “Screw-Clamp”.

Look at the diagram and you’ll see the advantage of our design.

Energy efficient windows - fall replacement windows - girl in warm window sill

Cooler temperatures and energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows - fall replacement windows - girl in warm window sill

Nothing is more extreme on your home than the sweeping variants of New Mexico summer heat and winter cold snaps. If you live in Santa Fe or on the East Mountain, the temperatures can vary from one place to the next. We understand replacement windows for this region. You may live in a desert oasis, but with the highs near 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, and the lows dipping below the 30s in the winter, your thin aluminum single pane windows won’t cut it much longer. The elements are harsh here, and many turn to replacement window shops in Albuquerque, like Accent Southwest for solutions. to help keep these elements outside and the temperate air inside. It’s just common sense to replace your windows once they’ve aged. In doing so, you insulate your house better and save hundreds on your air conditioning and heating bills, which in turn pay off the new additions in no time.

Energy Star Rating - energy efficient windows - climate zone mapWindow manufacturing has improved dramatically over the recent years. Today, energy efficient windows are expected and even Energy Star® rated to ensure that consumers are getting the best products and reduce their footprint and utility bills.

We can install windows throughout the house in a way that maximizes your energy savings. When shopping, you need to consult with a replacement window company in Albuquerque like Accent Southwest. We know how to make your new installations work for your home.

You might not have thought about this, but the sun hits all sides of your home differently throughout the year. One side of your house will receive a much higher concentration of UV rays than another side does, and some angles might not see the sun at all. You need windows of varying UV tolerance to ensure that the air inside your castle remains even; otherwise, your HVAC unit might be working too hard in the summer and winter to keep the house cool and warm, respectively. An experienced replacement window Albuquerque business can determine the UV protection needs in each aperture space, and present you with a design plan that will not only meet your budget, but also your interior comfort level needs.

Premier series replacement windows - energy efficient windows

Accent Southwest Windows - cleaning window maintenance

Fall Care – Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Accent Southwest Windows - cleaning window maintenance
Maintaining Your Windows and Doors

Maintaining your windows and doors or patio door is important to keep it operating at it’s full potential. New Mexico weather has drying effects that other climates don’t need to worry about. Additional care and conditioning of your wood and vinyl may be required.  Here are some important steps to take throughout the year to keep your windows and doors looking beautiful.

  1. Keep sill track clean of dirt and debris so water can flow freely outside.
  2. Keep all weep holes free of obstructions so water can flow freely outside.
  3. Inspect exterior caulking regularity and replace when necessary.
  4. Clean and check operation of hardware and weather-stripping regularity and repair if necessary.
  5. Determine the source of any moisture that you see around your windows or doors and stop it’s entry and accumulation.
  6. Dry out immediately any areas around your windows and doors that you observe are wet ( immediate action is necessary to mitigate any damage to your home). The use of a dehumidifier, fan, or any warm air source will help dry out the area.
  7. Maintain relative humidity at moderate levels.


Caution: DO NOT USE paint thinners, lacquer thinner, gasoline, kerosene, or any other harsh chemical to clean surfaces or hardware.

Aeries Wood Series Replacement Windows

Stained or Painted Wood Finishes

  1. To clean wash with mild soap and water, rinse with clear water and wipe dry. Apply a light coat of wax (Lemon Pledge) and wipe off excess.
  2. Keep weatherstrip clean of dirt and grit from proper seal. Wash with mild soap and water, rinse with water wipe and dry. Apply  light coat of wax (lemon Pledge) and wipe off excess.
  3. For scuff marks on painted finishes, use mild liquid cleanser (Such Soft Scrub by Clorox), rinse with clear wand and wipe dry.
  4. If finish is accidentally scratched or chipped, clean as recommended above and use standard wood finish repair crayon or touch-up paint supplied.
  5. To protect finish, spray and wipe with protectant (such as Armor All).

Vinyl Finish

  1. Cleaning windows is an important part of maintaining your windows and doorsTo clean, wash with mild soap, such as Fantastic and water. Heavy dirt and stains may require stronger cleaning compounds such as vinyl siding cleaner. The surface can be wiped down with solvent such as turpentine, naphtha, nail polish remover (acetone), and alcohol. CAUTION: as some cleaners may mar or scratch vinyl.
  2. Abrasive cleaners will scratch the surface and are not recommended.
  3. To protect finish, spray with vinyl protector such as Armor-All. This is especially an important step for replacement windows in Albuquerque and replacement windows in Santa fe as well as patio doors in Albuquerque and patio doors in Santa Fe.


  1. Window hardware and door hardware, much like sterling silver even the finest brass will react naturally to the elements surrounding it.  To maintain, polish with non abrasive automotive or furniture wax. Keeping your hardware cleaned and maintained you will be rewarded with a long-lasting finish.
  2. Tighten screws when necessary.
  3. Lightly oil as needed. Wipe off excess.


Endure series vinyl window in bedroom

Open your new windows and let in the fresh air

Opening her new windows in Albuquerque, Camilla enjoys her new vinyl windows
Fresh Air – New Windows

As cooler temperatures prevail, it’s time to start opening your windows and letting in the fresh air. Whether you are struggling to open your old windows or are enjoying your new replacement windows, you should be careful when opening windows that have been closed all Summer. Fall is a good time to do some maintenance, like lubricating the balances.

However, if your windows are finally in the condition that they need to be replaced, there are some amazing options that help make new windows a real life changer. Not only are new windows beautiful to look at and look through, they are efficient. If you are replacing old single pane aluminum windows, the energy saving will be dramatic. You will drive down heating and cooling costs and with the right configuration, make the room live exactly as you do. Produce air flow, or reduce solar exposure; you can configure your new windows to meet your use of the room we install them in.

Look through our website, or come visit us at our showroom, and we will show you how to dramatically improve your home with new windows and doors from Accent Southwest. We can also help you with that bathroom remodel you’ve been wanting to do.

For more on Replacement Windows, we recommend:

The Endure Series Vinyl Window

Sliding window - open your new windows in the fall
Sliding Window

Endure Vinyl Window Features

  • High Energy Efficiency Vinyl Window
  • Energy Star Tested and Certified
  • Optimum performance in both hot and cold seasons
  • Options for stylish wood interiors

Top Considerations in a Bathroom Remodel

Top Things to Consider When Remodeling Your Bathroom!

Make a plan…Don’t fly by the seat of your pants

luxuryWhen deciding to update your bathroom, laying out a great plan is an important first step. You should decide on a complete look and feel for your bathroom before any demolition begins. Bathrooms need style and substance. They are often one room in the house that guests are likely to frequent. Whether you are looking to update an old bathroom, create a luxurious, spa-like setting or just improve the safety and accessibility of your tub, Luxury Bath has the products and remodeling experience you want.


Do Your Research and Comparison Shop

Remodeling can add a lot of value into your home, if done correctly! Product research and education can go a long way in helping you make better decisions. At Luxury Bath we pride ourselves on empowering our customers to aid them in making smarter home remodeling decisions. Luxury bath only offers the top quality bathroom remodeling products to our customers. We guarantee that your new bathroom will be beautiful and affordable. Ask your contractor about the warranties that go with the work.

Don’t Do It Yourself

Bathroom remodeling is a tough job. Home improvement, and especially bathroom remodeling involves more than just changing out fixtures. Often plumbing work is involved, and it is best to leave this work to a professional. Trust your remodel to a company that has been in business for over 20 years with thousands of satisfied customers!

Don’t Start Without Figuring Out Your Budget

Bathroom remodels can be costly if you do not lay out your project and budget ahead of time. When working with luxury bath, we pride ourselves on working with your budget to create the most affordable and beautifully updated bathrooms! We personally sit down with our clients, discuss their budget and needs, and design a beautiful bathroom right within their means.

luxury-bath-showerDon’t Just Hire Any Contractor

Most importantly, don’t just hired any contractor to do the job. You want to find a company and contractor that you can trust to professionally remodel your bathroom. Find a company that has a great rating with the Better Business Bureau and a healthy company history. Luxury bath is the leader in international bathroom remodeling. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, at any of our locations you will receive the luxury bath promise to beautify your bathroom by manufacturing and installing attractive, durable, and maintenance-free, custom acrylic bath fixtures, with outstanding service.

Luxury Bath

Visit our showroom or schedule an estimate for a Luxury Bath Remodel in Albuquerque.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

replacement window installation

New Replacement Windows

There are many good reasons to consider replacing your old windows. High-quality windows are an essential part of any home, and there can be huge benefits to purchasing new windows in Albuquerque or Santa Fe. Windows are also subject to time and exposure, weather and wear, so replacing windows is sometimes non-negotiable. Whatever your reasons may be, anyone living in an older home can reap the financial and aesthetic benefits of brand new windows.

Physical damage is by far the leading cause of window replacement in the country. A broken window can leave the precious interior of your home subject to the elements and decrease the safety of your family. These issues are not only and inconvenience, but an eye-sore that can make the entire neighborhood look bad. This gives homeowners a unique incentive to consider purchasing new windows in Albuquerque.

Many older windows are also notoriously energy inefficient. A sizable majority of these windows feature only a single pane, making it more difficult to heat and cool your home. During the winter, warm air can easily exit through these single panes and during the summer, heat enters with greater ease. By replacing your old, outdated windows with modern, more energy efficient alternatives, homeowners often see a drastic reduction in energy and operating costs.

Energy-wasting windows are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Newer windows can lower your energy costs by up to 15%, depending on your area of the country. Some people even find that purchasing new windows in Santa Fe or Albuquerque can pay off in more than one way. In these increasingly environmentally conscious times, many homeowners may even be eligible for tax incentives after installing new windows.

Choosing the right type of windows requires homeowners to consider factors such as cost, climate, and aesthetics. Window frames are now available in a wide range of colors and styles that can add to the overall appearance of the home. Homeowners with more conservative budgets may want to consider replacing only a select number of windows – this will still give you a sizable return on your investment. With rising energy costs and changing aesthetics, there are multiple reasons to consider installing new windows in Santa Fe or Albuquerque.

What to Expect When Buying Windows in Albuquerque

There are many businesses from where you can buy windows in Albuquerque. This long list of options can be a benefit to you, as it increases the chance that you will succeed in finding the right style and provider of windows for your home. However, having so many choices might also pose a challenge because deciding which company is best able to satisfy your needs might not be so easy. You can simplify the task simply by knowing what you should expect from the company of your choice. The best is the one that enables you to get the finest quality products and service at an affordable price. Continue reading “What to Expect When Buying Windows in Albuquerque”

front door war - steel door vs. fiberglass door

Fiberglass vs. Steel

How to Buy Doors:  Fiberglass vs. Steel

New Mexico Homeowners and commercial property owners seeking the best value in a new entry door system typically turn to either fiberglass or steel entry doors. Both offer major advantages over wood doors, which, while beautiful, require regular maintenance and lack the endurance, security and energy efficiency of fiberglass or steel.

ProVia, which offers both fiberglass and steel entry doors, offers its insight into choosing the best entry door system for your home or business property.

Here’s how each type of entry door stacks up for major door-buying factors:

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are the #1 replacement choice by homeowners and are best suited for single-home residences.  Here’s why:

  • Beauty – Fiberglass entry doors most closely mimic the defined grain of authentic wood doors and come in a number of wood grain textures like oak, cherry, mahogany and fir as well as a variety of stain and paint colors.  Additionally, fiberglass doors offer many options for door glass, including decorative door glass, which improves curb appeal.  All ProVia doors are custom-made to the size and style specifications of the buyer for maximum impact.
  • Endurance – Unlike wood doors, fiberglass entry doors do not shrink, warp, split, crack or delaminate.   They’re ideal for harsh or humid climates.  Because fiberglass doors last so long, many come with long warranties.  ProVia doors, for instance, come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty that guarantees the doors through the entirety of the ownership of the home by the door purchaser, plus one subsequent homeowner.  Paint and stain finishes are warranted for up to 10 years.
  • Maintenance – Fiberglass entry doors offer the lowest maintenance, resisting denting and scratching, and can be cleaned with mild soap and water.   These doors can be re-finished, but must be done by a professional.
  • Energy efficiency – Fiberglass entry door systems are engineered to be highly energy efficient.  The polyurethane core, high-performance, heat-resistant window trim, Q-Lon weatherstripping and ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System in ProVia entry door systems work together to keep the cold out in the winter and heat out in the summer.  All ProVia entry doors without glass are ENERGY STAR certified and many models with glass also meet ENERGY STAR standards.
  • Security – The solid construction of fiberglass entry doors provides significant security over wood doors.
  • Cost – Fiberglass doors can be comparable in cost to wood doors or can be significantly higher, depending on the model, glass options and hardware selected, but offer longer durability and far less maintenance.

ProVia offers three series of custom fiberglass entry doors that meet or exceed homeowners’ expectations: EmbarqSignet and Heritage.

front door war - steel door vs. fiberglass door

Steel Entry Doors

Steel doors more commonly are used by commercial property owners but also are well-suited for residential purposes.

  • Beauty –Steel entry doors are available in smooth or wood grain textures in multiple stains and paint finishes, and come in a variety of door styles, including some with glass.
  • Endurance – Steel doors, particularly those made of 20-gauge steel like ProVia’s Legacy Steel line, won’t crack or warp and are the strongest, most durable doors available on the market.
  • Maintenance – Although generally low maintenance, if scratched through the galvanization, these doors can rust if not properly primed and painted.  Dents and dings can be pulled and puttied with an auto-body repair kit.  ProVia’s Legacy Steel entry doors come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty.
  • Energy Efficiency – Steel entry doors offer significantly more energy efficiency than wood doors.  Efficiency ratings will vary based on overall construction, but ProVia Legacy Steel doors are recognized as being highly energy efficient, with all doors without glass meeting ENERGY STAR certification.  Depending on the glazing option chosen, many Legacy Steel entry doors with glass also are ENERGY STAR certified.
  • Security – Steel entry doors offer the best solution for property owners concerned with building or home security.
  • Cost – Steel entry doors are very affordable compared to wood doors and offer significant long-term value.   Total cost can vary widely depending on door style and options chosen.

ProVia’s Legacy Steel entry doors are custom-built to owner specifications.  Custom door sizes up to 8-feet are available, along with glass and texture options (smooth or wood grain) and 7 stain and 16 paint finishes.

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Learn More About Our Doors

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