Make The Best Choice For You And Your Family Pet…

Available in any Accent Southwest Entry Door, Storm Door, Patio Doors and windows*

With A New Hale Pet Door™

Pet DoorsYour pet is sure to enjoy the freedom that comes with a pet door. Albuquerque and Santa Fe homeowners will love the quality and security that it offers. The Hale Pet Door™ has an extruded aluminum frame that is more durable than other plastic or pressed metal frames, and simply won’t fade, crack, break or rust. Plus, each door is designed to safeguard against wind, insect intrusion and unwanted animals or intruders.

Hale Pet Doors™ are made in the U.S.A, and have been “making pets happy around the world since 1985™.” In addition, they are backed by a 5-year limited no fault warranty.

We’ll even help you decide on the right Size and Design.

Pet Doors

Size: Pets come in lots of shapes and sizes, and our pet doors do, too. We offer 11 standard sizes to fit the smallest cat or the largest dog. We can also custom size your pet door if needed.

Design: We offer 11 different pet door models in four different colors to fit almost any application imaginable, including doors, patio doors, French doors, screens and even windows.

stormdoor-access-400Our pet doors are built to be safe, secure, and comfortable for your pet.

Rather than using hard plastic, two pieces of flexible plastic, or any tinted plastic, our flaps are made of clear, flexible vinyl that easily swing in or out when your pet pushes on them. And, because our flaps are in one piece, there is nothing for your pet to get caught on as they use the door, even if they change their mind part way through. The magnets hold the flap securely, but still gently enough that your pet should have no trouble opening the door. For Santa Fe and Albuquerque homeowners looking for a pet door, a Hale Pet Door™ is the perfect choice.

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*This product is only available as part of your door or window purchase from Accent Southwest.

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