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Things to consider when you are remodeling your bathroom

Bathroom remodeling things to consider
Bathroom Remodeling
  1. Bathtub size and shape. Walk-in or shower conversion?
  2. Finish for surround. Color, texture, pattern and details. Choose the finish that will include Microban™ microbial protection in your product. Easy to clean. Easily wipe with standard bathroom cleaning supplies
  3. Hardware. Are you a classic black finish, a modern chrome enthusiast. Choose the hardware that fits with your style.
  4. Sink and cabinet. Let’s determine your space and storage needs and find something to shine in your Luxury Bath.
  5. Mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall, are you hiding my razor and gauze? Decide if you want a medicine cabinet or a flat mirror. Pick what will fit best with your lighting needs.
  6. Lighting. Do you like Broadway globe lights, track lighting, cans and spots? Lighting in the bathroom is important. Do you have an exhaust fan, do you want a light from a different source?
Luxury Bathroom Remodeling 123s
Luxury Bath

Looking for Bathroom Remodeling and ideas to make that perfect space out of your bathroom. Let’s face it. Whether we are getting ready for work or trying to get away from it, we spend a lot of time in our bathrooms. If you are starting with bathroom ideas and are looking for a bathroom remodel in Albuquerque, a Luxury Bath from Accent Southwest is waiting for you. Our experts can help walk you through the process with ease and convenience.

Don’t try to do it yourself! The headaches can abound, and the project can drag out from days to weeks. While many homeowners start a bathroom remodeling project with the best of intentions, problems that are beyond your expertise can show up fast. Letting a professional team help design and then execute your dream bathroom for you doesn’t have to break the bank either. Our remodels can be tailored to your budget and we offer financing to help.

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Don’t wait to get started on your next bath remodeling project—call Luxury Bath!

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