Hot Days and Solar Point

The Accent Southwest Solar Point System is not a window or door, it is an approach to windows and doors designed around your home use and floor plan.


Solar point replacement window installation system

Every home is different. Its layout to the sun, trees that provide shade, rooms that aren’t regular use. At Accent Southwest Windows and Doors, we design each home around the window needs of your lifestyle. Not all rooms are the same, and where your windows are in relation to the sun makes a big difference. Also, window choices impact budget. We save you money by choosing the right windows for the right spaces.

A utility room facing the sun that is only used for the occasional guest, doesn’t get the same window as your bedroom or your living room. Each space and how you use it in your daily life gets the windows and doors that fit it. That way you can focus your budget on individual spaces like the living room that you want to keep cool, or the bathroom you keep in the dark. Update your bathroom

The sun is not equally distributed around your home. Your windows shouldn’t be either. Double and triple gas-filled channel, white vinyl reflective exteriors, Solar Point address the southwest window issues that we encounter out here in the high desert. If you are thinking of replacing your windows or doors in your home, you can truly modernize your approach by combining our Solar Point insights with improving the energy efficiency of your home. New windows are a dream, but they need to last and the need to be forward looking. Keep in the cool and keep out the heat with the right windows for your home. Contact Accent Southwest for a FREE Estimate and lets start turning those dreams into plans. With financing available and replacement dates ready to schedule there’s no reason to wait. Take the Solar Point and keep the sun at bay.

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