Making the Most of Your Windows

Windows aren’t just for looking through. They’re also for looking at. Not everyone realizes what a difference a good set of windows can make for a home in Albuquerque. It’s just like putting the right frame on a painting – the view of the outdoors is your painting, and the window is the frame. You don’t want the window to overpower the beauty of your view, but you still want them to be a graceful presence in themselves. This article details a few ideas for making the most of your decision to make over your windows in Albuquerque.

They Don’t All Need to Be Rectangular

When it comes to the shape, you have a bit more leeway with windows than you do with the typical painting. Windows in Albuquerque can be a great frame for your outdoor view when they have some curves, and they’ll give your home a unique character. Curves in windows serve to highlight the connection between a particular space in your house and the view to the outside. A set of rectangular windows with elegant half-moon shapes above can be particularly stunning. Consider emphasizing the meaningfulness of your favorite alcove – perhaps the cozy chair at the top of the stairs where you love to read and sip tea – with a unique window shape.

The Frames Really Matter – But That Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Creative

It’s important to choose frames for windows carefully. Frames really tie everything together, and they do much more for the overall appearance of your home than you may realize. However, that’s not to say that you can’t get creative with the frames. If you’re like many people redesigning windows in Albuquerque, you’ve got a colorful home that soaks up the sun. Pick a style of frame that serves to bring out the lovely colors that you’ve chosen for your home. It’s a good idea to select a frame color that contrasts your house’s base color, and if you’ve got a colorful stucco house, you can really embrace those bright, sunny colors!

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